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Definition of an accredited investor

Foreign Exchange
Bellator Managed Forex Accounts
Bellator offers clients forex money management from the industry’s top traders.
ForexFloor provides a broad set of educational and analytical tools for trading foreign exchange. Live, streaming charts; articles on interpreting chart patterns, position management, etc.; forex trading courses; and more.

FX Pip Capital
FX Pip Capital provides forex training by seasoned traders and daily currency trading signals. Learn Forex trading from experienced professionals who can coach and teach you to become a professional forex trader.

Hedge Fund and Private Equity Resources

Web portal that publishes news relevant to the hedge fund industry, as well as fund rankings and profiles, feature stories, etc.

Alternative Investment Management Association
Each year (typically in the early Fall), AIMA releases its Sound Practices Guide for Hedge Fund Administrators, a how-to guide and overview that covers the types and levels of service that administrators provide.

Alternative Investment News
Provides news and research on hedge, private equity, and funds of funds; as well as occasional feature stories related to sectors, asset classes, or strategies.


Global Financial Trading Forums

Gftrading is an online community that provides guidance and support for those interested in trading global capital-markets products such as forex, oil & gas, indices, metals, etc. Access the latest financial news.


Cheap Books Online, Buy Childrens & Many Other Books Online

Cheap books online, including childrens’ and new books. We stock a wide variety of categories and the latest titles, all sold at competitive prices.

EurekaHedge is primarily a fee-based fund database, but it also offers useful links to industry news, conferences, strategy-performance evaluations and the like.

Global Money Management
An Institutional Investor publication. News regarding hedge fund and fund-of-fund dynamics on a global basis; most of the content is fee-based.

FT Alphaville
Rounds up headlines relevant to the international alternative-investment universe, with an emphasis on private equity/deals and hedge-fund news (as opposed to strategies). Blog-format commentary.

International Advisory Services Group
Information on general and futures funds as well as offshore fund services; links to portfolio strategy research.

The Hedge Fund Association
International hedge fund group.

Hedge Fund Center
Strategy overviews, hedge-fund industry news.

News and analysis on hedge funds globally. Based in the U.K.

Hedge Fund Lounge
A free, open forum for participants in any area of the hedge-fund world, with discussion groups and news links.

Hedge Fund Research
Hedge fund directories, monthly performance statistics, etc.

News and resources relevant to alternative investing globally.

Hennessee Group LLC
The Hennessee Group provides consulting services, linking prospective investors with hedge funds; but representing the client (not the fund)—a function of its SEC status as a Registered Investment Advisor. Originally formed in 1987, with the creation of its Hennessee Hedge Fund Indices, but became an independent entity ten years later.

The Journal of Alternative Investments
Fee-based publication focusing on asset allocation, risk management, indexing, etc. Founded in 1998; JAI is published by the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association.

Link Market

Free Link Exchange, Link Swap and Link Trade Directory

Use the Link Market exchange to trade links. It is easy to use, free, and very smart. It will save you hours of work.

Real Estate and Property in Bulgaria

Homes and real-estate listings in Bulgaria, with photos and full pricing information quoted in multiple currencies.

Independent research firm. Tracks hedge-fund industry developments and the performance statistics of a couple thousand funds.

Provides style indices for purposes of benchmark comparison against hedge fund performance. Also provides independent research on style investing and market dynamics.

Private Asset Management
Tracks trends and recent developments in wealth management.

Private Equity Central
Daily PE fund news, deals, movers and shakers, etc.—as well as weekly market commentary and a directory of PE firms.


GPS rental/satellite navigation
Hire a tomtom GPS sat-nav system, and let satellite navigation take the stress out of your journey. Maps of the U.K., Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

News Maps

CBCNews World in Conflict
A news map for a big-picture view of persistent global conflicts.

Global Incident Map
News map focusing on terrorist events. Flickering icons depict the locations of bomb blasts and scares, parliamentary or office evacuations, white-powder-in-the-mail, etc., over time periods of your choosing. A scroller includes current headlines.

Maplandia News Centre
Provides functionality not seen in other news mappers, like allowing users to link to countries from article headlines (instead of forcing you to drill down from the country level), and providing visual cues to support regional navigation. But the site aggregates only a few headlines per region.

Mibazaar World News
Plots recent New York Times articles on a world map, all right, but there is no categorization by topic (such as business or politics). You can link from the headlines directly to the stories.

News map that organizes video clips by region and country. If you register for free, you can choose to filter out certain types of news clips, though the customization is not specific enough (one of the eight news categories is “Business & Tech”).

Nigeria Best Forum
Online community with public forums and message boards. Nigeria is home to more financial scams per capita than any country on the planet. The forum has a section devoted to Nigerian-flavored scams, and you can read more about these at

If approached to do business with any Nigerian counterparty, especially by e-mail or fax, contact the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division. (Believe it or not, the fraudulent faxes still go out, and people are still taken in by account-transfer and other such scams.)

Multi News Map
Presents regional maps, and produces a set of headlines for any country or region you select. Unlike the WorldNews map, you never navigate away from the map pane, so navigating among countries is easier.

WorldNews Interactive Map
Offers links to country-specific news sources that you select from a map of the world. It has one of the cleanest interfaces, but you can’t scan headlines country-by-country — you must drill down first to specific locales and then to individual sources.
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