About Private Membership and the Free Trial

There are two kinds of users at Stracia: the public is free to read the blog and post comments there and to the public discussion forum.

In the future, we may roll out a second tier of membership that, for a subscription, will offer certain benefits:

  • greater access to portfolio compositions, and
  • instant notification of changes to the portfolios;
  • research;
  • discussion groups;
  • access to the portfolios and other data as Excel files; etc.
For a limited time, we are offering private membership for free, on a trial basis.

If you have an interest in joining Stracia as a private member for free (trial basis), sign up now. It’s quick and easy. We will set you up with a free account—-and our trial members may even be “grandfathered in” to future discounts on memberships. No payment is required at this time or ever (and Stracia accepts no liability in connection with this free-trial offer).

Questions about the free trial? Click here to send us an e-mail and we will be happy to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the Free Trial

What kind of information can I access as a free-trial member?
You will have access to the Stracia portfolios (as we build them) as e-mails and/or Excel files, as well as other special content that may from time to time be made available for download, including proprietary research papers (articles, economic and market analyses, etc.). You will also have access to the private discussion board. Unlike so much other Web content, nothing that appears on Stracia has been refashioned—-all of our content is original and totally proprietary, produced in-house with only our subscribers in mind, and not available anywhere else.

How long will the free-trial membership last?
We plan to use the free-trial period to “test the waters” for an eventual rollout of private membership. As such, we expect to offer free trials for a short time only (several months).

Will I automatically be billed at the end of the free-trial period?
No. You do not even need to provide us with any kind of payment information to participate in this trial offer.

What kind of benefits might I be “grandfathered into” if I participate in the free trial?
Though we have not yet finalized our plans, we may offer one-time, limited-time, or perpetual discounts to members who participate in the free trial. Stracia assumes no liability, however, with respect to this or any other future offer or benefits, express or implied.

Is there any catch to participating in the free trial?
Nope. We won’t even add you to any e-mail distribution list, nor will we share your e-mail address, etc., with any third party without your consent. (Click here to read our privacy policy.) And as mentioned, we won’t even ask you for any payment information during the sign-up process.

What if I decide to cancel my free-trial membership?
You can cancel your free-trial membership at any time by clicking on the “Cancel my membership” link in the Navigation bar on the left side of every page. (If you cannot see the link now, it’s because you have not signed up for the free trial; like certain other sections of the site, only members can see it.) You could also cancel by calling us at (877) STRACIA.

Is the blog updated every day?
We plan to update the blog at lease several times per week (often at least once per day), but only when we have something to say. And of course, the blog is only one part of the site, which also features a growing collection of articles and essays on global-macro investing, the analysis of equities and other asset classes, and a host of other public and private Web-based and research services. As for daily blog dates, we have no interest in inundating you with blather. In any case, it’s a free trial—-what are you worried about?

If you have more questions about membership, click here to send us an e-mail, or click here to sign-up.