FAQs about Downloads

What happens when I purchase a file for download?
First, you will be directed to complete the transaction through the secure PayPal site. You may use your PayPal account — if you have one and choose to use it — or a major credit card. If using a credit card, the transaction will still be conducted through the secure PayPal system. In either case, only PayPal, not Stracia, sees your payment information. When the transaction is complete, you will be given a link from which you may download the file(s).

How soon can I get my file once I purchase it?
The files are available for immediate download.

How do I know the transaction is secure?
PayPal is the most trusted name in e-commerce. You will see the “https” at the start of the URL (the “s” signifying that the pages are securely encrypted.)

Once I download the file, how will I read it or print it?
The files are readable using the free Adobe Reader program — they are not eBooks, and no special technology is required to read them (other than Adobe Reader). The files are not password-protected or otherwise encrypted, they have no expiration but are yours in perpetuity, and there are no limitations as to your ability to print them, etc.

Can I share the file(s) with others?
We ask that each user purchase his or her own product individually; but there is no technical reason that you could not share the file with others by e-mail, etc. The files are not encrypted or password-protected by us. (Their content, of course, is copyrighted by Stracia, LLC.)

Does the file ever expire?
No, it is yours in perpetuity.

Can I get a refund on my purchase?
Since our policy is to offer digital intellectual property without encumbering our customers with password-protection or file expiration, we do not offer refunds on digital downloads. However, if something goes wrong with the download process itself we will happily e-mail you the file or refund the purchase. And we do, as always, maintain a “no-hassle” refund policy with respect to our membership subscriptions. (What’s more, some of the digital downloads are available to members for free. See the downloads page for details.)